The History of Tea
  It is about 4,700 years ago that tea – is first mentioned. A legend famously attributes the chance discovery of tea to Shen Nung, who was then Emperor of China. Ever since then, tea has been closely associated with philosophy, meditation, and medicine. It was only with the beginning of common era that tea was increasingly seen as a tasty and agreeable beverage.

In around 1630 Dutch traders were the first to bring tea to Europe, but it took another twenty or thirty years, before the English began to import tea regularly. By the end of the 17th century, all of Europe had discovered the delights of tea.
From then on, this beverage played a significant role in the cultural history and political developments.

From the early to mid-19th cent., tea – with Chinese support – was increasingly successfully produced in India, Nepal, Indonesia, and Taiwan (formerly Formosa), and towards the end of the century also in Sri Lanka. Japanese production of green tea dates back to as early as AD 840.

Because of these developments, we can now enjoy a seemingly unlimited selection of tea varieties – a true paradise for tea lovers.

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