Aroma Tea
As tea itself, the process of flavouring also originates from China. For the last 800 years or so, the Chinese have enjoyed jasmine or rose flavoured teas, and even earlier than that, they used to add spices to their tea.
In Europe, flavoured teas have only become socially acceptable with the introduction of Earl Grey tea.

This flavour became popular amongst the British nobility and from there successfully conquered all of Europe.
Around 1830, the Second Earl Grey returned from a mission to China with the following knowledge: The flavour of tea can be changed by dripping Bergamot oil, i.e. the oil extracted from the rind of this citrus fruit, onto the leaves.
It is no surprise, therefore, that over time more and more different flavourings were developed. These days, the consumer can choose between about 120 different varieties, black as well as green ones.