The International Food Standard was created by Members of the Association of European Food Retailers, it defines and helps to check and certify Systems of Food Production, as well as Quality and Legal supervision of Food Production.

The IFS is based on the German Norm of Quality Management Standard DIN EN ISO 9001:2008. It also contains basic norms of

Manufacturing Practice
Cleansing, Desinfection, Pestcontrol, Maintenance, Equipment Updating and Instruction & Training

HACCP (Hazard Analysis an Critical Control Point)
is also part of it.

The 4th version includes the additional legal aspects of the Legal European Norms regarding alergenic agents and genetically modified Organisms (i.e. GVOs the german abbreviation).

The 5th version valid since January 1st, 2008 is a modified one in which not only the requirements are stricter and more clearly expressed, but also includes so called K.O criteria. On top of that the evaluation criteria have been modified too.

You may download our certificate here:

IFS Certificate (PDF)

Please feel free to check FAQ's concerning the IFS clicking on this link: www.ifs-certification.com.